Real 100% offical english translation for Micchy’s freak out. 

Its only the best video of all time
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The Crashing Empty fundraising campaign

It’s an age-old story: boy befriends girl, multinational corporation builds opposed megastore in town, boy throws brick through window.

The Crashing Empty is a coming-of-age story about accepting responsibility, set against a battle of community spirit versus corporate greed.

I’m writing a young-adults novel! It’s inspired by the No McDonalds events in Tecoma. It’s a story about a mega-rich corporation that bends the law, and the small town that says no. It also includes chess, archery, saxophones, bananas, and vandalism.

What I think might interest tumblr, though, is that its protagonists are an asexual and a female POC! There’s never enough diversity in fiction, so if I’ve got the opportunity, you betcha I’m gonna try to fix that. This whole book is, at its core, about fighting social injustices and the cycle of unfairness that extreme wealth perpetuates.

You can order a book - or an adorable plush brick! - by backing my Indiegogo campaign. Please share this as much as possible! Reblogging, tweeting, posting to facebook, and printing off the link and sending it via carrier pigeon are all appreciated and will really help me get this book made.